All Saints Online

Why Have We Chosen to go On-Line?
The winter edition of The Link could be the last one in paper format. Bill has decided to retire as the editor and compiler and the issue has been discussed at PCC. The way forward seems to be new technology and the suggestion has been made that a news letter be produced and that The Link goes on-line. This means that if you want a copy of The Link you can still have one in paper format but the rest will be on our website and on Facebook.

This is an important step forward for our Church and the global church; why?

Billions of technology users can see and hear exactly what is happening on any day on any part of the planet. The global dynamics of that first Pentecost and it’s God-designed blast zone potential makes the times we live in today ripe for the next global revival led by you and me acting counter-culturally under the leadership and filling of the Holy Spirit. So, with 55% of homes having computers and the internet and people as young as six knowing more than their parents about this form of communication it is wise for us to use it.
The other 45% will need you.

The Website
Our website has attracted over 35,000 visitors since it started in its new format. That is far more than the number of copies of The Link we have sold.

You can also review The Link and the Treasurers report as it is published every two months.

Our Facebook pages have 70 regular visitors and over 40 “likes”. Such “likes” and comments from wedding couples and families; Comments from people who simply think that All Saints is a wonderful place. Such comments are seen around the world.
There are also links to other places such as Costock convent and Mirfield community. There is a link between Stokes School website and ours.
People around the world can see what is happening in Blaby parish church, so our influence is spreading.

This does not mean that we should rid ourselves of other ways of doing things. In the precinct The Gideon’s gave away 20 copies of the Bible for people to read. We need to follow-up on that and a personal approach is needed. How?