Child Protection

Child Protection Policy

Mention the term ‘Child Protection Policy’ and I can guarantee that someone will say “we don’t need that here, nobody would hurt a kiddie here” or something very similar. There will also be those who say “I’m not letting people know my business” when asked to complete a CRB Registration form for what is often referred to as a Police Check.

Everyone who has contact with children and young people or vulnerable adults in this country is required by law to provide information for an enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau. This is not something that the vicar decided it is required by law and supported by the Bishop and Diocese. In fact our child Protection Policy is drawn up following the Diocesan Guidelines. Many parents who go into school on a regular basis may also have been asked to complete such formalities.

The Child Protection policy adopted by All Saints PCC (and subject to review each year) briefly states that:

It is the responsibility of all church members to do their best to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse of children and young people and to report any abuse, alleged or suspected.

We will work towards a code of good practice for adults when working with children and young people within our Church Groups and to this end at least the leaders of any groups which children attend will be subject to CRB checks. This includes ALL activities under the Church umbrella such as Choir, Bell Ringers as well as obvious Sunday School and After School groups. If you are a leader of such a group and have under 18’s who attend without their parent please ring me on 0116277**** ( number withheld from website can be found in the parish magazine) and I will arrange to meet with you and complete the necessary forms to ensure that we meet the requirements of the policy. Even if you already have a check for work in School or Scouts you will currently need one for the church group as well, although there are plans to change how these are registered in the future.

There are regular training sessions for adults involved with groups and a range of leaflets which explain good practice to anyone who would like more information.

We should view Child Protection as something we happily under take to protect our most vulnerable members and to also provide ourselves with the information needed to remain safe in our care. The new Diocesan guidelines can be found on the noticeboard in church.