What do we need to do?

The first thing to do is to phone Grenville for an appointment. He won’t eat you though he looks as if he might!
After you have made the appointment and he has done all the paperwork the date is set. It’s as simple as that.
You can marry in Blaby if you live in the parish or worship regularly at the parish church. You might also be able to marry in Blaby if you have a special connection. Phone and talk it over. Go on!!!

The likelihood is that you will be able to marry under Banns. This is an ancient system that is still law. It simply means that your names will be read-out in church on three Sunday’s before the wedding. It is a way of letting people know that you intend to marry in church.

It is unlikely that you will need a licence but should this be the case you will be helped to do the right thing. So don’t worry about it!

The parish boundaries are from where the Scout HQ used to be…there are new houses being built there now opposite the Golf course…to Dorothy Avenue or to the old County Arms. (Depending on which side of the road you live.) And from the bridge on Little Glenn Road to (more or less) the Blaby by-pass. In time, we hope to show a map on this site.
If you have been married and divorced it need not be a problem to marry in Church; we can always discuss things.

The costs of the wedding will be set by a body known as the Church Commissioners. This body is not actually part of the C of E but is made up of such people as the prime minister and business executives. It works on behalf of the church so the church cannot be accused of commercialism. The fees are fixed for that year on 1st January. Sorry we can’t tell you what next years costs will be. Unfortunately in recent months, some people have booked the time and date of a wedding and then not returned and not cancelled the date. This has meant that other people have missed the date they wanted. In order to correct this and to stop it happening, the PCC has decided to ask for a non-returnable deposit of £180 to fix the date of your wedding. We do hope you will understand why and cooperate with us.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a wedding.
Brides don’t have to be married in white.
We keep costs to a minimum and it is possible to marry for about the cost of a new suit.
We will help you by doing all the legal paperwork for you.
We will help you choose hymns and music suitable for the occasion.
We can suggest some really good and nice photographers.
The Church is always beautifully decorated with flowers and the building is always warm and well maintained.

Now you have read all this please say the prayer below:-

O Lord if you have brought us together for the rest of our lives; help us to know it; draw us closer and deepen our love.
If it is not your will for us to be together for the rest of our lives; wake us up from our slumber. Amen.